About DocMator                'Documentation in a Refined Way'

What is DocMator?
DocMator redefines the way you write documents, making documentation easier. This webĀ­app will be helpful for anyone of us who needs to refer a lot of documents to edit and prepare documents for personal as well as official requirements. The aim is to help the users refer and edit documents through a single interface which will result in a big productivity gain by saving time and preparing documents in an organized manner.

Who uses DocMator?
DocMator is designed to be helpful for researchers, authors, writers, professors, students, doctors, IT, Technical/Proposal writers and professionals in different industry sectors.The functionality is useful for online article writers and bloggers too. The app is optimized and tested for performance of referring multiple documents and editing simultaneously using a single interface. The beta version supports pdf referring pdf files and exporting editor content to pdf format. The future versions will have support for different document formats.

Why DocMator?
Documentation is the least interesting aspect of any profession. With our experience in documentation and with some research, We have seen that referring documents in different formats is a huge productivity loss. The user typically needs to switch between applications and windows while preparing documents, proposals, books, notes etc. This slows down the process and is not very organized. The problem becomes bigger and more cumbersome with the number of referred documents increasing. DocMator addresses the need to refer and write using a single interface thus a productivity gain and a more efficient process to write documents. This will definitely result in preparing better documents faster.

How much does DocMator Cost?
The beta release of DocMator is free for all registered users. A fully functional version of DocMator will remain free. DocMator with premium features and additional functionality will be available to the user at an affordable cost. The DocMator will also have versions for devices other than personal computers.
Suggest a price, write to us at info@docmator.com

Privacy Policy.
We do not store any data apart from the information provided while registering. The reference files you use to prepare documents using docmator does not get to our servers at all, it remains on your computer. The document that you prepare is not stored at our end. If you have any additional questions in this regard kindly write to us at info@docmator.com

How to Use DocMator?
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How do I make DocMator Better?
Please send your feedback, comments, suggestions & feature requests to feedback@docmator.com

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